The Best Traditional Irish Wedding Gifts

You have so many choices when considering a traditional Irish wedding gift. The claddagh ring, shamrock and horseshoes symbolic of luck and bells to keep evil spirits away. Here are some suggestions:

Claddagh design

The claddagh design is of two hands holding a heart, though some designs include a crown mounted on the heart. Claddagh rings for men and women represents love, friendship and loyalty.
Claddagh rings are a strong Irish tradition with many being heirlooms. They vary in prices from sterling silver to rings that include a heart shaped diamond as the centerpiece of a gold or platinum ring.

The claddagh design can also be found on wall plaques, pocket watches, personalised glassware and pottery to bring a touch of Irish tradition into the newly-weds lives.

Irish Crystal

Galway Crystal and Waterford Crystal have long been two of the world’s best known and loved brands of traditionally crafted Irish crystal. The beautiful ranges of tabletop stem-ware and gift-ware reflect Irish influences in their timeless elegance.
irish crystal

Belleek Parian China

Since 1857 the Belleek factory in Co Fermanagh have been hand-crafting pieces with 16 artisans working on each individual item. You can choose items that incorporate the traditional wedding items of bells, shamrocks, horseshoes and claddagh designs.

Irish Blessings

There are a number of Irish blessings that are read out at a traditional Irish wedding. Frame a blessing for the newly-weds to hang on the wall of their home as a reminder of the commitment they have made to each other in marriage.


A traditional wedding gift for Irish couples, the chime of the bell is said to keep evil spirits away. If you prefer a silent gift that keeps with tradition, consider a gift of modified bells as candle holders or vases. It is also suitable for a present if you’re looking for 1st anniversary gifts.

For the sports lovers

A hand-crafted Hurley, the wooden stick used in the national Gaelic game of Hurling, looks great as a wall decoration. Alternatively, gift a couple so the newly-weds can have what the Irish call, a “puck around” with others. Make sure to include a sliotar (the ball used in hurling) as part of your gift.

Music is the food of love

There remains a strong following of traditional Irish music. The Bodhran, Spoons, Tin Whistle and Fiddle are a few of the instruments that make up the unmistakable sound of Irish music. Let your couple learn to play Irish music or display your gift at home.

For bookworms

Ireland has some of the very best writers the world has ever produced. W.B. Yeats, James Joyce, George Bernard Shaw, Oscar Wilde and Jonathan Swift are just a few. Introduce the couple to your favourite Irish poets, playwrights and novelists.